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The word on Asia Week is Go. Now. And now means NOW – starting this evening. We of the press spent two days just visiting the highlights of the 50 galleries presenting. And I’m glad to report that visiting these galleries is made exceedingly easy to do since they’re located on the east side – pretty much within a ten block area. Take a look at tonight’s openings! the times are generous – from 5-9pm – and there’s not much walking to do – just meander up and down Mad Ave from the mid 60s to the mid 70s – with a few below and a few above. Here’s my grouping – thanks to Larry Qualls’s art blog, always a reliable and inspiring source (www.LarryQualls.blogspot.com):

Laurence Miller 20 W 57 Toshio Shibata Harmony 5, Pace 32 E 57  Lee Ufan 6-8, and DAG Modern 41 E 57 The Art of Bengal 6-9

Dai Ichi Arts 18 E 64 The West in the East 5-7, Littleton & Hennessy Asian Art at Daniel Crouch Rare Books 24 E  64 Littleton & Hennessy – 21 Years 6-9, 19th Century Rare Book & Photograph Shop at R P H Bookshop 26 E 64 Masterpieces of Early Chinese Photography 6-9

A BIG chunk of art is in the mid-60s: Phoenix Ancient Art 47 E 66 The Diffusion of Buddha in Antiquity 6-9 [fascinating], Dr. Robert R. Bigler at Dickinson Roundell Inc 19 E 66 exhibition: Dynasties and Identities: Tibeto-Chinese Buddhist Art of the 13th to 15th Centuries 6-9 [stupendous; read his books; have your eyes opened to the real sources of culture in China!], Erik Thomsen 23 E 67 Post-War Japanese Calligraphy 5-9, Michael C. Hughes Gallery Vallois America 27 E 67 Chinese and Korean Works of Art 6-9, Robert Hall Asian Art at Gallery Vallois America 27 E 67 Chinese Paintings, Works of Art and Snuff Bottles 6-9, Hioco at Leslie Feely Fine Art 33 E  68 New Acquisitions in Indian Art and Himalayan Art 5-8, Carlo Cristi at Leslie Feely Fine Art 33 E  68 Art of India, Tibet, Central Asian Textiles 5-8

Schlesinger 24 E 73 exhibition: BachmannEckenstein JapaneseArt presents Japanese Art—Pre-Modern and Beyond 5-9, Navin Kumar 24 E 73 Himalayan and Indian Art 5-9, Susan Ollemans Oriental Art at Les Enluminures 23 E  73 Ancient and Modern Design in Asian Jewels 5-7, M. Sutherland 7 E  74 6-8, Nayef Homsi Ancient Art of Asia 7 E 75 Recent Acquisitions 6-8

Dalva Brothers 53 E 77  Onishi presents Japanese Art and Modern Living 6-9, Joan Mirviss 39 E 78 Timeless Elegance in Japanese Art: Celebrating 40 Years! 5-8:30 [priceless presentation based on her decades of experience]

Giuseppe Piva at Adam Williams & Moretti Gallery 24 E 80 Japanese Art and Antiques 4-8 [amazing], Oliver Forge & Brendan Lynch 9 E 82 Indian Court Painting 5-7

*The following galleries not on the schedule but can be visited starting March 10:

The Art of Japan at The Mark Hotel, 25 East 77th Street, Suite 215; Andrew Kahane  – also at The Mark Hotel, 25 East 77th Street, Suite 1207

Egenolf Gallery Japanese Prints   The Carlyle Hotel, 35 East 76th Street, Suite 1806

BachmannEckenstein, Gallery Schlesinger, 24 East 73rd Street, 2nd floor;  Sue Ollemans, 23 East 73rd Street, 7th floor